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Our Rector

The Rev. David Greenwood (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh)

is delighted to come to Basking Ridge and find himself among wonderful confessing Christians who want to study God’s word. His ministry at Covenant Chapel is foundationally about the exposition of Holy Scripture for God’s people. He understands that as Rector, it is his responsibility to not only bring people to know the Triune God of Christianity, but also to connect present-day Christians with the faith and practice of the early Church.

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Our Vestry

Covenant Chapel Reformed Episcopal Church elects at least six persons to serve on the Vestry, a committee dedicated to overseeing the daily business, maintenance, and finances of our parish. One Vestry member is elected to serve as Rector's Warden, another as People's Warden, and at least four other communicant members of the parish serve one-, two-, or three-year terms in accordance with Title IV, Canon 49, Section 1 of the Constitution and Canons of the Reformed Episcopal Church. Vestry meets monthly and more often as needed through the calendar year.

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